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5 Steps to Vehicle Wrap Marketing

Purchasing a Vehicle Wrap is only the start of owning a mobile advertising billboard on wheels.  Here are 5 easy, effective ways to maximize your miles and drive up sales:

1. PARKING: Park strategically!  Park your vehicle away from your business and as close to the street or highway as possible. Your wrap will get more exposure and attention even when its not zooming around town. Also park in open spaces or at the end of the lot when you are getting groceries or picking up supplies. Randomly park your vehicle around town at the mall during Christmas, sporting events, farmers market…Try to park where your target market gathers!

2. CONVOY!– Gather all of the company vehicles and drive around town to different locations, taking all of the busiest road, parking, hanging out, handing out brochures and business cards.  Remember how much attention one wrap gets. Just imagine how much attention a fleet gets. Just check out our trucks all lined up.

3. Make it an Event! Partner with your local youth sports organization, township, or local charities.  Sponsor events that allow you to showcase your vehicle, get a few outdoor flags and hand out cards and brochures and do some product sampling out of your wrapped vehicle!

4. Where’s Waldo? Try a marketing campaign on Facebook or twitter that you will give away prizes when they tweet or post about spotting your vehicles. You could also tie this campaign into your TV and radio ads! This is a great way to tie in social marketing to your vehicles! Check out

5. BRANDING– Consistency and branding are very important. Consider using your vehicle in all of your marketing campaigns. Safelite auto glass does a great job of using there vehicle in all of there marketing campaigns.

Give us a call for your next large format printing project.

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