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Illuminated pylon signs show people that you take your marketing seriously and will help improve your credibility.  While our streets are getting more and more crowded with businesses competing for attention, an illuminated sign can help you get the edge over your competition.  Illuminated signage is visible around the clock, in fact it is even more visible at night.  This is great for businesses that are open later or who want a form of advertising that never sleeps.  Add an addition to the family with a fully automated LED sign, the advantages are simply endless.  EMC, short for "Electronic message center board" offers the ability to change messages/images from any remote location.  Visible in any weather conditions, even in low-lit areas and at night, illuminated signage has a number of advantages over other forms of signage.  Get started today!

  • LED lighting cuts energy cost in more then half

  • Longer life with LED vs Traditional lighting

  • Lower maintenance cost with LED

  • Best in visibility compared to other sign types

  • EMC's are the best form of conveying messages

  • EMC's are a great add-on to your sign

  • Illuminated signage is visible 24/7

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